Sunday, November 8, 2015

Tarantino Unchained?

While marching in New York City last month for a rally against police brutality, Academy Award winning director, screenwriter, and producer Quentin Tarantino called police "murderers." Tarantino, famous for his affiliation with particularly violent films, such as Django Unchained and Kill Bill, criticized the use of excessive force by police saying, "I am a human being and I have conscience, and when I see murder I cannot stand by. And I have to call the murdered the murdered and the murderers the murderers." Tarantino, a man who is the opposite of subtle, has created a mass amount of controversy with this statement.

Tarantino protesting police brutality 
This bold statement comes in the wake of an increased amount of innocent deaths resulting from police brutality, reaching nearly 400 deaths in 2015 so far. His statement, seemingly valid, has angered the police force across the nation. In reaction to Tarantino's statements, police in New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia have called for a boycott of Tarantino's new film The Hateful Eight. The president of the Los Angeles Police Protective Unit said in a statement, "We fully support this boycott of Quentin Tarantino films. Hateful rhetoric dehumanizes and encourages attacks on us."  

Police fear that statements like Tarantino's will hurt their reputations when in actuality, there own actions hurt their reputations. It is not that all police use excessive force, and it is not that all police are bad people, the real issue here is the reason why rallies and protests against police are necessary. The fact of the matter is that police brutality is serious problem and many feel as though nothing is being done to end it. Perhaps the answer is more restrictions on guns. Perhaps the answer is a change in society. Whatever the reason, it is people like Quentin Tarantino, people willing to stand up for what they believe in, that help aide our society in addressing such societal flaws. Do you have an answer to end police brutality?

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